1    Finding the Documentation You Need

You can find most of the Tru64 UNIX documentation you need on the Documentation CD-ROM that comes with the Tru64 UNIX product and also on the World Wide Web. Most of this documentation is provided on line in HTML and PDF formats and is also available as printed books.

Your Web browser gives you access to the HTML format, and the Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you view and print the PDF versions. The printed books are packaged in kits that you can purchase from Compaq.

Additional documentation is included on the Tru64 UNIX Operating System CD-ROM and on the Associated Products CD-ROMs.

This chapter can help you to find the documentation you need, in the format that is most convenient to you.

1.1    Defining the Documentation Set

The following list describes some of the terms used to categorize documentation that is provided with the operating system or used in conjunction with utilities and applications that run on the operating system:

1.2    Changes to the Version 5.0A Documentation Set

With this release of the Tru64 UNIX, the following documentation has been updated:

Other noteworthy changes to the documentation are as follows:

1.3    What You Get

The documentation that you receive from Compaq depends upon the purchase you make:

1.4    Online Documentation

The documentation for the Tru64 UNIX operating system, including the reference pages, is available on the Tru64 UNIX Documentation CD-ROM in a format that is readable with a Web browser or with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Most of this documentation, as well as documentation for associated applications, is also available on the World Wide Web (see Section 1.4.2). The features that are available on the Documentation CD-ROM, such as the links to other documentation, are also available on the Web.

If you are working on an Alpha system, the operating system provides a Netscape browser for viewing the HTML documentation. If you want to view the documentation on a Windows PC or Macintosh, you will need a browser that supports frames and Java Script Version 1.1. Compaq recommends using Version 4.0 or higher of Netscape Navigator, Netscape Communicator, or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To view the PDF files, you need to install Version 3.0 or higher of the Adobe Acrobat Reader or the Reader plug-in to your Web browser. The Documentation CD-ROM provides the Acrobat Reader for Tru64 UNIX systems, Windows PCs, Macintosh, and several other platforms. You can also obtain the latest version directly from the Adobe Systems Inc. Web site:


With Acrobat Reader, you can scroll through books, print selected sections or entire books, and copy sections to the clipboard.

1.4.1    The Documentation CD-ROM

The Documentation CD-ROM contains HTML and PDF versions of Tru64 UNIX documents, including books, white papers, and the complete set of operating system reference pages. The CD-ROM provides links to these HTML and PDF documents.

You can use the Tru64 UNIX Documentation CD-ROM on a Tru64 UNIX system, as well as on a Windows PC or Macintosh - laptop or workstation - or on any other system that uses the ISO 9660 Level 1 CD-ROM standard. (For additional information, see the information on the Documentation CD-ROM jacket.)

To help you locate specific information in the documentation, the CD-ROM contains a copy of the AltaVista Search CD-ROM software with a complete index of the HTML documents. The AltaVista software runs on an x86-based PC with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows NT Version 4.0.

The CD's online Documentation Library is arranged into categories that generally follow the structure of the printed documentation kits. Each category is represented by a bulleted list, with the bullet for each book colored to indicate the documentation subkit to which the book belongs:

Books that meet the needs of different audiences appear in several categories. For example, you will find the Security book in the General User, Programming, and System and Network Management categories because it serves each of those audiences. Because it is part of the General User subkit, its bullet is blue in all of the categories in which it appears.

Most cross-references are hot links, so you can follow those references from book to book, from book to reference page, from reference page to book, and from reference page to reference page.

Each book you refer to opens in a separate window so you can easily move from book to book as you gather the information you need. When following links to reference pages, the first reference page opens in a new window, and references to subsequent reference pages will appear in the same reference page window as long as you keep it on your screen.

The Documentation CD-ROM also contains the webman viewer, a program you can use with your browser to view reference pages. For information about the webman viewer, see Chapter 4.

To mount the Documentation CD-ROM on Tru64 UNIX systems, PCs, and Macintosh computers, see the inside panels of the Documentation CD-ROM jacket. The Tru64 UNIX Installation Guide provides an overview of using CD-ROMs on Tru64 UNIX systems.

1.4.2    Documentation on the World Wide Web

You can find most of the Tru64 UNIX core and supplementary documentation, the reference pages, and other useful documentation on the World Wide Web.

To view this documentation, point your Web browser to the following URL:


There you will find documentation sets for Tru64 UNIX versions dating back to Version 3.0. Books for the current and most recent versions are available in HTML and PDF formats. The books for earlier versions of the operating system are available only in PostScript format.

Beginning with the Version 4.0D release, the Documentation Overview lists the documentation changes for each release. You might want to begin with the Documentation Overview in your search for information about the documentation in prior versions.

The Web site also gives you access to the Tru64 UNIX reference pages, as well as to the following documentation:

The Web also provides updates to documentation between formal product releases. For example, Compaq maintains online Technical Updates, which provide information about restrictions and problems that have been discovered with specific versions since their release. Visit the following Web site to see the Technical Update for Version 5.0A:


Compaq recommends that you view this site periodically to see if any new information has been added.

1.5    Printed Documentation

When you purchase a Tru64 UNIX media kit, you receive printed versions of various manuals to help you install and begin using the operating system. To receive printed versions of the rest of the core documentation, you must order a Tru64 UNIX Documentation Kit (Figure 1-1) or one or more of its subkits, as described in Chapter 2.

Figure 1-1:  Structure of the Tru64 UNIX Documentation Kit

The printed manuals include a letter icon on the spine to help you quickly find the book you are looking for. The following icons are used:

G Indicates books that are in the General User Documentation Kit
S Indicates books that are in the System and Network Management Documentation Kit
P Indicates books that are in the Developer's Documentation Kit (the P is for programmers)

Although a book's primary audience determines the documentation kit it is packaged in, some books help meet the needs of several audiences. For example, a general user can read the Programming Support Tools manual (packaged in the Developer's Documentation Kit) to get advanced information about using commands such as grep or awk. The Security manual (packaged in the General User Documentation Kit) provides information for system administrators and programmers, as well as for general users. Keep this in mind when searching for information on specific topics.

1.6    Documentation for Layered Applications

Compaq and third-party vendors produce many applications that run on Tru64 UNIX systems. The documentation for most of these products is included with the individual application software. The following sections provide some guidance.

1.6.1    Products Packaged with Tru64 UNIX

The CD-ROMs in the Tru64 UNIX media kit include the software and documentation for several separately licensed products. You do not need a license to view this documentation, which in most cases is provided in both HTML and PDF (or PostScript) formats.

The following separately licensed products are among those included with the kit:

See the Tru64 UNIX Version 5.0A CD-ROMs sheet (included in printed form in the Tru64 UNIX media kit and in HTML form on the Documentation CD-ROM) for a complete list and the location of the layered applications included with Tru64 UNIX. See Section 3.5 for information about the Tru64 UNIX Associated Products CD-ROMS.

1.6.2    Tru64 UNIX Alpha Online Documentation Library

Many of the layered applications produced by Compaq, such as Compaq's C++ product and the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), are included on the Tru64 UNIX Alpha Software Product Library, a collection of CD-ROMs in a kit that is updated every three months. The documentation for these products is included on the companion Tru64 UNIX Alpha Online Documentation Library CD-ROM. These software and documentation kits are separately orderable products; they are not included with the Tru64 UNIX media kit. For information about ordering these kits, contact your Compaq sales representative.

1.6.3    Device Driver Documentation

Documentation for programmers who create device driver software for the Tru64 UNIX operating system is available as a separately orderable kit. See Chapter 5 for more information about the Device Driver Documentation Kit.