Matlab command-line arguments

This document describes the command-line arguments of Matlab rel. 12. Of course you can just run 'matlab -h' or 'matlab -help' to find out about them.

Matlab command-line options (most usefull only shown)
-h Displays condensed help.
-n Display final environment variables, arguments, and other diagnostic information.
-nodesktop Do not start the MATLAB desktop; use the current terminal for commands.
-nodisplay Do not display any X commands. The MATLAB desktop will not be started. However, unless -nojvm is also provided the Java virtual machine will be started
-nojvm Shut off all Java support by not starting the Java virtual machine; in particular the MATLAB desktop will not be started.
-r <MATLAB_command> Start MATLAB and execute the <MATLAB_command>
-Ddebugger <options> Start debugger to debug MATLAB
-nosplash Do not display the splash screen during startup

Thus, if you want to use the current terminal to enter commands but have the full environment available if required use 'matlab -nodesktop'; If you do not plan to use the graphical environment at all then use 'matlab -nodisplay -nojvm'.