How to start Prism

1. Run cygwin

To start Prism remotely from you PC, make sure Cygwin ( is installed on your PC. Otherwise install it from "Add or remove programs" from the Windows Control Panel by selecting Cygwin 2010:

Add cygwin

After the installation start Cygwin from "Start" -> "All programs" -> "Cygwin-X" -> "XWin server".

2. Connect to Prism server

Connecting to remote host (
To connect to remote host type the following commands in the Xterm window:
  • xhost +
  • ssh -Y -l prismuserX (Note: -l is a lowercase L or "el", prismuserX is your Prism username. X is to be replaced by a number between  1 and 15 assigned to you by your lecturer.)
  • Enter your Prism password when prompted.

3. Run Prism

To run Prism type the following commands in the Xterm window
  • setenv DISPLAY yourcomputername:0.0 (-> yourcomputername ist the name (or IP address ->ipconfig) of your current PC. There should be a sticker on your PC with the computer name on it, e.g. physlab811)
  • prism151 (which is an alias that executes the following command: /usr/local/acl81/alisp8 -I /usr/local/prism151/prism151.dxl ; note that -I is a capital "i")