Australasian High Energy Physics and Medical Physics conference
17-20 October 2006

Agenda (with links to abstracts)

REANNZ Workshop, Thursday 19th October


This year the AUSHEP conference was hosted in New Zealand for the first time. It has previously be held annually in Australia, focussing on topics in high energy physics and medical radiation physics. This year the conference was hosted by NZCMS, the New Zealand members of the CERN CMS collaboration.

Conference poster


Partipants include speakers from
  • Universities of Canterbury, Auckland and Massey, NZ
  • Universities of Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Wollongong, Australia
  • Australian Synchrotron, Monash University, Australia
  • Christchurch Hospital
  • All India Institute for Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
  • INFN, Italy
  • European Organisation for High Energy Physics (CERN)
  • Medipix medical imaging collaboration, CERN
  • ICECUBE and RICE Antarctic neutrino collaborations

Abstracts and Proceedings

A list of abstracts for the talks is available in the printed conference programme, and online by following links to talk titles in the conference agenda.
Additionally, copies of the slides from all of the talks are available at a post-conference rate of $20 (including postage) per CD.