Mt John Alpha Centauri Team Members

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The scientific leaders of the Mt John alpha Centauri project team are Dr Michael Endl (University of Texas, Austin), Prof. John Hearnshaw (Univ. of Canterbury), and Dr Rob Wittenmyer (Univ. of NSW, Sydney). There are three observing assistants for the project: Fraser Gunn, Dr Erik Brogt and Pam Kilmartin (all Univ. of Canterbury).

Christoph Bergmann is a PhD student working on the project and is enrolled at the Univ. of Canterbury.

Alpha Centari team members

Pam Kilmartin, Christoph Bergmann, Alan Gilmore, Andrew Dallow, Nigel Frost, Rob Wittenmyer, Michael Endl, John Hearnshaw, Stuart Barnes (team member until August 2011), Erik Brogt, Fraser Gunn

Feb 2011

Alpha Centauri Project members 2013

David Ramm, Pam Kilmartin, Alan Gilmore, John Hearnshaw, Michael Endl, Christoph Bergmann, Rob Wittenmyer, Erik Brogt, Fraser Gunn

Feb 2013

Questions can be directed to:   John Hearnshaw   |   Michael Endl  

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